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Inversion and Weight Loss

It’s a fact – more and more Americans are becoming overweight. Being overweight can cause a domino effect and lead to serious health problems. It’s important for us to take action in order to lose weight and regain the health we once had.

Many people have reported a link between the use of inversion tables and weight loss. There are two main factors creating this link.

One reason for weight loss is that an inversion table can be used to do exercises. While inverted, a person is able to do sit-ups and other types of crunches while using the natural force of gravity for resistance. This resistance creates a more efficient workout which builds more muscle in the abdominals and the back. We all know that muscle burns fat, which in turn helps us lose weight.

But I feel that the most obvious reason for losing weight is that an inversion table helps to decompress our spine and reduce our back pain. Many people have reported gaining a new sense of life after using an inversion table. Because of this reduction of back pain, we are able to become more active and do things that we otherwise would not be able to do.

Kelly from Ohio wrote to us and told us how she had terrible back pain. She was only able to stand for short periods of time. Doing simple chores such as laundry, and vacuuming were nearly impossible. She could not bend over without experiencing agony. Kelly was also becoming severely depressed because of all of the weight she had gained. Then she discovered the inversion table.

Just using an inversion table for several minutes a day helps Kelly tremendously. Her back pain is minimal and she is now able to lead a normal life. Chores are no longer a problem – bending over and standing for longer periods of time are now a possibility. Kelly has also become more active and has regained her self-esteem because of the weight she lost.

Kelly tells us that she uses her inversion table regularly, twice a day: five minutes first thing in the morning and five minutes right before bed, both at a complete inversion. This helps her feel ready to conquer the day, and decompress before trying to fall asleep. She also stresses that while using her inversion table helps her back tremendously, it doesn’t completely cure her pain. But it’s the only thing that allows her to be more active, stay in shape, and feel good about herself.

Using an inversion table alone won’t help you lose weight. You need to exercise, eat a proper diet, and stay motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle. Kelly is living proof that using an inversion table can help you lose weight and improve your quality of life.

Results from using an inversion table will vary. The only way to tell if an inversion table will truly work for you is to try one.

If you have your own inversion table weight-loss success story, please write to us. We would love to include it on our website.


Weight Loss Side Note

Both of us at have lost over 15 pounds after buying our inversion table. We are so grateful for Leslie Sansone's Walk-at-Home Program. Simply pop it in your DVD player, walk, have fun, and watch the pounds melt away.

It's so easy to lose weight by doing something so simple...walking. Start out by walking for one mile a day (15 short minutes) until you feel ready to move on to more. We use this every day and have so much energy and feel great! Be sure to relax on your inversion table afterwards and you'll feel great too.








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