Fitness and Health Benefits of Inversion


The benefits of an inversion table are endless...

It is said that pinched nerves in the spinal column are not only painful, but they can lead to various health problems.  To better understand this, think about how our body works.  Nerves send messages to our organs telling them how to function properly.  Each nerve that is connected to every one of our organs is also connected to our spinal column. If these nerves are under pressure or pinched, our organs may be malfunctioning.

An inversion table allows us to reverse the effects of gravity and elongate the spine.  By inverting, gravity works to decompress our spinal column.  This decompression relieves any pressure on our nerves, and allows our organs to continue functioning properly.

Inversion tables can also help to improve circulation.  All day long while we are circulating blood throughout our bodies, gravity is working against us.  By briefly reversing the forces on blood flow throughout the body, we are promoting an increased flow of blood and oxygen to our brains.  Upon reverting back to normal, our bodies may benefit from improved circulation due to this brief reversal.

Some practitioners of holistic medicine believe that inversion can heal our bodies from within.  Over our lifetime, toxins collect inside of our organs. These toxins can decrease our levels of energy and our levels of health.  By inverting ourselves and gently rocking back and forth, we are encouraging our organs to expel these toxins.  Performing this simple motion for only a few minutes a day will increase the positive energy flow to our organs which in turn increases our overall energy level.

Inversion also helps to relieve stress.  Use an inversion table in a quiet setting.  Dim the lights, play soft music, lay back and relax as you feel your troubles melt away.  The reversal of blood flow in the body can create feelings of euphoria.  Many of us do not realize how important it is to simply relax.  Daily stress takes a toll on our body.  Inversion acts as a recovery period that allows our body to heal itself and get ready to take on another stressful day.

There's no telling exactly how much we can benefit from the use of an inversion table. The possibilities are endless. Find out how you can benefit from inversion - try an inversion table today.




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