Inversion for Back Pain

Inversion for Back PainLet’s face it - almost everyone suffers from some form of back pain. For some people it’s minor; a temporary inconvenience. For others, it’s constant, completely debilitating, and prevents them from living a normal life.

Pain can come about for a lot of reasons, but one such source is something that affects us all - gravity. All day long gravity is compressing our spinal columns. Whether we are sitting, standing, walking, running, or anywhere in between, this force is upon us. The effects of gravity continually add up over our lifetime. Years of compression may cause our spine to come out of alignment or create pinched nerves in our spinal column.

Regardless of the severity or type of back pain you are suffering from, an inversion table is a safe, non-surgical, non-medicinal way of relieving back pain. The best part is that you can use an inversion table in the comfort of your own home.

The concept of an inversion table is quite simple – reverse the effects of gravity. By inverting yourself, you are doing just that. It works by securing your ankles to hold you in place. While you are inverted, the weight of your body works with gravity to decompress and elongate the spine. Because of this decompression, the pressure on any pinched nerves is relieved. Many people report feeling instant relief from pain during their first use of an inversion table.

The results from using an inversion table will vary from individual to individual. Some people may need to use an inversion table several times before beginning to feel any effects. The relief may be brief or last for hours on end. By regularly using an inversion table, you are working your way toward being pain free. Every session will help your spine return to its natural position and hopefully eliminate your back pain altogether.

Remember that an inversion table is not a substitute for a chiropractor – it can not give you a proper diagnosis as to the cause of your back pain. But in the long run, an inversion table will prove to be more cost-effective.



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