About Us at myInversionTable.com

Hello, and welcome to myInversionTable.com.  We hope you are enjoying our informative website.

We are not health and fitness experts – we are regular people who were seeking information, just like you.  Both of us suffered from back pain for most of our lives and nothing we tried seemed to help.  We searched endlessly for information on new ideas or products and came across the inversion table.  The results have been amazing...so amazing that we decided to create this website to share our thoughts and experiences with the world.

The purpose of myInversionTable.com is to provide inquisitive minds with honest information regarding inversion tables.  We are not selling anything; therefore there is no pressure to buy anything.  We simply want to share what we have to offer with the world.

Owning an inversion table has changed our lives.  Our back pain is minimal and we are able to do more of the things we love.  The inversion table also helped us change our outlook on exercise and fitness and we now understand the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of an inversion table are endless - from relief to relaxation, a whole new world is awaiting you.  Experience the outlook on life that you’ve always wanted and rediscover a happier, healthier you.  Try an inversion table today.





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